About Us


Values: Foundation of our Company

QTechServers offers latest technology web hosting solutions however we are still old school and follow tradition of giving utmost importance to our customers. Customer is always right and shouldn’t go through all the hassle to host their business or personal websites. We make sure that our customers get prompt responses and quick resolutions. We do not go for paid advertisements and rather focus on delivering quality customer service as it is our customers that spread the good word for us and bring in business. You will receive friendly yet informative support from our team.

Approach: Flexible Communication between Staff and Customer

Our ultimate objective is to provide you most reliable, honest and transparent customer service. We offer easy communication method which is Live Chat available round the clock 365 days. Our Fantastic Technical Support who are well-versed with Servers and know your language standby to assist you. This is a great way to communicate! Not only that but if required, our technicians will even provide you support through TeamViewer, not many companies do that but this what makes us different. We also offer support through ticket system with 20 minutes guaranteed response time.

Charity Hosting: Non-profit Discount Web Hosting for NGO

Humanity should exist and we would like to keep ours alive! So QTechServers has Charity Program that aims to offer web hosting solutions for NGO and Charities at low cost. This Program is available for Registered NGO & Charities, Local Religious Organizations and other organizations that play key role on community. For more details, send an email to our Sales Department.